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Dr. Stephanie Stollar is the founder of Stephanie Stollar Consulting, LLC and the creator of The Reading Science Academy.  

Dr. Stollar is the former Vice President for Professional Learning at Acadience Learning Inc.  She is a part-time assistant professor in the online Reading Science Program at Mount St. Joseph University, and a founding member of a national alliance for supporting reading science in higher education. Dr. Stollar has worked as an educational consultant, school psychologist, and as an assistant professor in the school psychology program at The University of South Florida. She has provided professional development for teachers for the past 25 years. She has conducted research in the areas of assessment, early intervention, and collaborative problem solving. As a member of the board for the Innovations in Education Consortium, she collaboratively plans the annual MTSS Innovations in Education Conference.

You can access her free resources on the science of reading on her download page.



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