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Educating Educators About the Science of Reading

Stephanie Stollar Consulting supports educators to use the science of reading to get better reading outcomes.


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A simple path to navigate the overwhelming amount of information.


Evidence-based skills and teaching approaches.


The knowledge you need to get better reading outcomes.

"[Reading Science Academy] is one of the few places where the science of reading is truly represented and practical implementation is emphasized. The speakers and resources (cheat sheets etc) are excellent, par none. Even though I am a veteran teacher and have implemented SOR for over 30 years— I always, always learn something new that will benefit my students."

Joy M.



Reading Science Academy

Get the support you need to leverage the science of reading.


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MTSS: The Framework for Implementing the Science of Reading

The course to help you create the systems and structures that support effective reading instruction.


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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Stephanie Stollar regularly presents and consults about the Science of Reading.

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STARS in Higher Education

A national alliance for implementing the science of reading in teacher training.

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Become a Science of Reading Champion with Our Exclusive Free Resources! 

Uncover the power of teaching the Science of Reading with a treasure trove of free resources for educators. You’ll supercharge your own understanding and gain the confidence you need to share it with your students, colleagues, and administrators. Grab your free resources now!

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