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Why Our Members Love Reading Science Academy

See how educators around the country are benefiting from the education, community and resources they've found through their Reading Science Academy membership.

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Bernadette Mulligan Janis, Ed.D.

Coaching Coordinator for the Penn Literacy Network (PLN)

“The adult learners I am very fortunate to teach, who happen to be amazing teachers, all know the name Dr. Stephanie Stollar!  My membership in the Reading Science Academy is an integral part of my ongoing learning as a teacher, leader, and tutor. What I learn from Stephanie is reflected in my coaching of classroom teachers and tutoring of children.

Stephanie nurtures a community of professionals from around the world who are positively impacted by her expertise and guidance in evidence-based literacy practices that include all components of reading. By nature of its structure and organization, the Reading Science Academy is a 'living' resource that continuously provides information and support to its members.

I have been the beneficiary of Stephanie’s recommendations when I am stuck and unsure about how to teach my students.  In addition, I have been the beneficiary of the generous sharing from members. Thanks to Dr. Stephanie Stollar’s vision and direction, the Reading Science Academy provides a professional network for educators and school leaders at every stage of their teaching journey.”


Joy M.

“I really appreciate The Reading Science Membership. It is one of the few places where the science of reading is truly represented and practical implementation is emphasized. The speakers and resources (cheat sheets etc) are excellent, par none. Even though I am a veteran teacher and have implemented SOR for over 30 years— I always, always learn something new that will benefit my students. Thank you, Stephanie for staying true to your mission which, in turn, results in best practices for students.”


Lindsay N.

Owner of Aligned Academics

I joined the Reading Science Academy because I wanted to extend my knowledge beyond what I learned from my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and experience accumulated as a public school teacher. I wanted someone to help break down and explain the efficacy of various topics that fall under the umbrella of literacy. I got that and more!

With Stephanie, I got someone highly experienced in the field of education to give me personal advice that helps inform the decisions I make for my private tutoring practice. Stephanie is always professional and yet treats me like a long-time friend. 

Since joining the Reading Science Academy in January 2021, I have been able to grow my tutoring business into a thriving, fully booked practice. I plan on continuing my membership indefinitely as it has proven invaluable for me and the success of my business. As a bonus, I am also able to be part of a collaborative group of like-minded, highly driven peers to bounce ideas off of with the Reading Science Academy Facebook group.

I highly recommend the Reading Science Academy to anyone who has a private practice in the field of education, classroom teachers, school administrators, support staff and intervention teachers.”

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