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MTSS: The Framework for Implementing the Science of Reading


Discover how Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) can help your elementary reading instruction get better results with effective systems backed by the science of reading.

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Getting Results with MTSS

The Dynamic Duo of MTSS and the Science of Reading

Educators take reading instruction personally. Finding the approach that clicks with your students can be challenging.

That's why this course starts by unraveling the essentials of MTSS and the science of reading, providing you with a strong foundation for supporting every student’s learning and ultimately improving reading outcomes.


Mastering Assessment to Create Readers

Feeling lost in assessment jargon? Let’s demystify assessments and embrace them as powerful tools for really understanding and elevating your students' reading skills.

Learn how to choose, administer, and respond to the assessments used in MTSS. With a strong understanding of why we screen and measure progress, you can effectively apply your data in tiered reading instruction for improved reading outcomes.


Designing Tiered Reading Instruction That Works

Tailoring instruction can be tough with so many students at, above, and below grade-level expectations.

In this course, educators will learn to develop tiered instructional systems that meet each student at their level, making their teaching impactful and inclusive.

You’ll learn how to maximize instructional minutes by inviting all available educators to the table and working in small groups for big results.

“With Georgia’s new literacy legislation, we needed ideas on how to merge the new requirements with our existing RTI/MTSS process. I liked that Stephanie’s MTSS Course was self-paced, and I could complete it whenever I wanted. The course reaffirmed that we need to focus our efforts on Tier 1 instruction and help us make plans to address it. I would recommend the MTSS Course to other educators. It was easy to complete and yielded a lot of valuable resources and ideas. Stephanie was easy to work with!”

- Holly, Senior District Administrator

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Navigating the Challenges of MTSS Implementation

Collaborative Problem Solving & Data-Driven Decisions

Dive into the world of making decisions based on student data. Educators will learn how to see data as more than just numbers. You’ll follow threads and learn stories that guide your teaching.

Keeping the Momentum in MTSS Implementation

Worried about maintaining the pace? Get the support you need to maintain and adapt your MTSS strategies over time, keeping your students (and yourself) engaged for long-term results.


Flexible Learning Tailored for You and Your Team

Whether you're flying solo or part of a committed district team, the MTSS Course can be self-paced and adapted to your unique needs. Focus on what's most relevant to your educational journey and get results.

“Curriculum directors and district-level coaches were requesting professional development around data literacy and MTSS, which led me to Dr. Stollar’s MTSS Course.

The course is filled with applicable resources, like the collaborative problem-solving model, structured into manageable chunks that allow for learning and reflection.

It has refined educators’ lenses to use universal screening data more accurately to inform instruction. I recommend this course, and I always keep a few licenses on hand for educators needing training in MTSS so I can offer them a high-quality resource.

Dr. Stollar has a gift for breaking down complex content into bite-sized, teacher-friendly packages!”

- Sherrie, Early Literacy Specialist

Start Learning MTSS

Meet Dr. Stephanie Stollar

Dr. Stephanie Stollar is here to guide you, with the wisdom of her 30 years in supporting literacy in schools. Her practical, down-to-earth advice makes complex concepts feel like a chat over coffee.

Higher Education Meets Elementary Classrooms

Stephanie is a part-time assistant professor in the Reading Science Program at Mount St. Joseph University, founder of the Reading Science Academy, and board member of the MTSS Innovations in Education Consortium and the Evidence Advocacy Center.

Learn More About Stephanie

What's Inside the MTSS Course?


Introduction to MTSS

Educators often struggle to understand how to integrate reading research into practical teaching.

Module 1 demystifies the science of reading and the MTSS framework for reading instruction in elementary schools. It guides you through why, what, and how you can implement reading research effectively in your classroom.


Assessment in MTSS

Many educators feel overwhelmed by the variety of assessments and their role in MTSS.

This module clearly lays a foundation for assessment in MTSS. It will help you understand the different types of assessments, their purposes, and how they fit into the MTSS model, empowering you to use these tools to enhance student learning.


Tiered Instruction

Every student has a different set of needs on their way to becoming a reader.

In this module, you will learn how to effectively apply the tiered instruction approach of the MTSS framework.

Through practical tools and exercises, you'll align your instructional strategies with reading research to make sure every student gets the support they need.



Making informed decisions based on assessment data can be daunting for educators.

This module offers training on interpreting and using assessment data for decision making.

Learn the collaborative problem-solving method, a key element in effective MTSS, to make data-driven decisions that support student success.


Supporting Implementation

Educators often struggle with sustaining and adapting MTSS practices over time. This module focuses on practical implementation strategies. It includes training on decision rules, choosing the right instructional programs, and techniques for maintaining effective MTSS implementation to promote long-term success in your classroom.

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