MTSS: The Framework for Implementing the Science of Reading


Everyone says they're "doing" MTSS, but is what you're doing working for your students?


✔️ Are you implementing what research indicates is most likely to work, or are you randomly grasping for programs?

✔️ Are you using practices that are likely to work with the resources and needs of your system, or are you looking at what the district next door is using?

✔️ Are you learning how to proactively address barrier, or are you reacting to daily crises?

 MTSS: The Framework for Implementing the Science of Reading is an asynchronous online course designed to help you create the systems and structures that support effective reading instruction.


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This Course Is For You If You Are:


◼️  An educator who is responsible for implementing MTSS, the science of reading, or dyslexia legislation

◼️  A school or district level administrator

◼️  An academic coach or lead teacher

◼️  A reading specialist

◼️  A school psychologist

◼️  Any educator working to improve the reading outcomes of students will benefit from the information and tools in this course.

This course was designed for both individuals and teams.  You can work through the content in any order, focusing on the content that is most relevant to your needs.


Hey there!

I'm Dr. Stephanie Stollar.

This online course was created by Dr. Stephanie Stollar, a part-time assistant professor in the Reading Science Program at Mount St. Joseph University, founder of the Reading Science Academy, and board member of the MTSS Innovations in Education Consortium.  Dr. Stollar has been supporting schools to use MTSS to improve reading outcomes for more than 25 years.  Educators say that Dr. Stollar has a gift for making complex concepts understandable.

Learn more about Dr. Stollar and her work HERE.

"Dr. Stollar is an amazing speaker.  I appreciated her diving into the definition of the science of reading and also for sharing the information around the MTSS framework to improve outcomes through prevention and intervention."


Here is everything you'll get when you join today...

Module 1: Introduction to MTSS

This module includes an introduction to MTSS and the science of reading.  Learn how MTSS can be used as the framework for implementing the why, what, and how of reading research.

 Module 2: Assessment in MTSS

Module 2 provides the foundation in assessment that is necessary for successful MTSS implementation.  You will learn the purposes for assessment, characteristics and examples of each type of assessment, and how they are each used in MTSS.

Module 3: Tiered Instruction

Module 3 explores the tiered instruction of the MTSS framework through tools and exercises for aligning instructional systems to reading research.

Module 4: Teaming

Module 4 offers training in how to make decisions with assessment data.  Learning to use the collaborative problem solving method is the essential element of effective MTSS instruction.

Module 5: Supporting Implementation

Module 5 focuses on implementation and includes training related to decision rules, selecting instructional programs, and sustaining implementation over time.

MTSS: The Framework of Implementing the Science of Reading was designed for both individuals and teams. 

The content of all five modules is available to you as soon as you join!


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